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Retailers / Real Estate Brokers 
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We will help your team create a 3D data platform can increase commissions, reach a wider audience, and close on properties faster.


of buyers are more likely to call about homes with 3D virtual tours


of offers made on homes were made with no in-person visit


of agents using Matterport win more listings because of Matterport


of home buyers said that going online was their first step in the home search
Texas Virtual Tour creates a realistic digital copy for all types of built spaces enabling Home Buyers, Sellers and stakeholders to explore and evaluate properties with ease.
Capturing immersive 3D models of in-store layouts and displays enables retailers to quickly and easily plan, implement, and manage brand, floor layouts, and merchandising across locations.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Scan?
An individual scan takes about 38 seconds. This includes:Camera scanning and rotating (20 seconds)   Transferring data from camera to the iPad (5 seconds) Aligning to previous scans on the iPad (5 seconds)    Moving the camera to the next spot (can be done at the same time as transfer and alignment)
Multiply this by the total number of scans. Most residential homes (2000 ft2) can be done in 50 to 75 scans. Altogether, this means it takes about 45 min to 60 minutes to scan a typical residential home (2000 ft2).
How Long Does It Take To Scan?
Model processing times depend on several factors: Upload speed - Time it takes to upload from your iPad to the cloud. Processing queue - Certain times of the day see more models uploaded than others. Model size - This is the biggest factor. Larger models take longer to process. A model with only 1 or 2 scans may finish in 30 minutes, while a model with 200+ scans may take 24 to 48 hours. Models with difficult geometry also require more time to process. Most models process within eight hours, 24-hour processing is unusual, Longer than that is rare, but possible, Blur Faces - If this option was selected when uploaded, this adds about 2 minutes per scan position. So if your model is 100 scan points, expect 3.3 hours to be added to the processing time.
Can Texas Virtual Tour Scan Outside?
The TVT Matterport cameras are designed for scanning inside. We strongly recommend switching to 360º Views when scanning outside. You can use a 360 camera, but  you may need to reduce distance to maintain good alignment. Scanning outside in 3D Scan mode is possible but not supported. This is because the camera uses infrared light to capture 3D data. Even on a cloudy day, infrared light from the sun can lead to alignment issues and poor Dollhouse and Floorplan Views.
How Accurate Is TVT Cameras?
Measurements with the Texas Virtual Tour Matterport's are generally accurate to within 1% of reality under normal operating conditions. Decalibration, abnormal temperatures, and other factors may result in reduced accuracy. For example, in a 10 ft (3 m) long room, measurements can vary within 1.2 in (3 cm) from actual. In addition, objects smaller than 1 in (2.5 cm) in any dimension may not appear. This also applies to very shiny or very dark objects since not enough light is reflected back to form a 3D mesh.
Where Is Texas Virtual Tour located?
We are located in New Braunfels Texas and cover a 200 mile radius.

Tour the Property with 3d Views & VR Googles

Texas Virtual Tour makes it easy and fast to create an immersive 3D digital copy of your property for remodeling, Real Estate listing, appraising properties, documenting a new build. We will do Residential and Commercial for both personal and professional clients. 3D Interactive Walkthru 4K HDR Photes

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